Q u i L L – #4 Mirrored View

She wears her sorrows upon her
Like a familiar friend it hugs
If you were to catch her gaze her misery would be most pronounced

You’d only then began to understand
The sag in her shoulders that resemble old life
Like wrinkles upon those who have lived for many decades longer than herself

Obviously there is a story there
But her secrets remain her own
In a daze she goes about the day
Only moving when prodded

Completing task and social interactions out of guilt and expectations respectfully
On her own she often appears deep in thought
Or reading
Who reads these days?
Not as many as should

At night, between sunset and the arrival of dawn she lays awake
Or can be found roaming around her home

Unable to quiet her mind
Beneath her melancholy state lies a hope she seldom allows to be nourished
She allows her books to dream instead

Copyrighted October 23, 2014 Davonna T.

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Q u i L L – #3 Void

I have new Q u i L L to share…

V o i d

What is it that compels me now?
Harsh the truth to face
Curiosity is there, but the force which bucks against denial is loneliness

I miss the intimacy I had with you
More than just two bodies; but one
How often does one feel complete in the silent void another causes with a whispered breath?

Copyrighted October 20, 2014 Davonna  T.

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Q u i L L – Your Stage #2

F I R S T:
Thank you everyone who has liked and followed me. Thanks in addition to those who have kept me on their Reader despite a bit of a hiatus from me. I plan to check out everyone’s blog but, haven’t done so yet and didn’t want anyone to think I didn’t appreciate the interest.

Your Stage

You blame me for the world not spinning on its axis so that you are its circum
My choices, which in no way affects you, inexplicably define your venom

I pivot in attempts to amend
My efforts ignoble in the end

Like a little one you fall to the ground in desperation
“Look at me,” you suggest!
Yet you scream for rest–

We oblige your vocal outburst
Only to be accosted with much worse

Allegations of desertion carried out over decades are strewn
We part ways but not in a manner that I consider soon

Blisters have formed where you burn
Peace from you and your one-man show I earn

You ignite a fury I cannot fully define
Your arrogance, conceit, and self-absorbed  nature asinine

Copyrighted October 14, 2014 Davonna T.

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