Q u i L L #69 Begin Anew

Long after you’ve gone the patterned echo of your footsteps linger
Reflecting often leads us in a circle of no where
Once a hint of indifference in-sighted violent emotions displayed through shouting matches and a regression to a less than civilized language

Now, not even the harshest sigh moves
Subtle urging to meet you half way anew
Gives hints that although time has moved on
We both stand stock still

Copyrighted ©DVon 5 | 27 | 16


Q u i L L #68 Welcome to the Neighbors

Nearly 5AM—
and the birds have made their presence know
two consecutive hours now
Recently we’ve been privileged
the addition; a family of blue-jays
in the neighborhood
Their unfamiliar call quickly
gave them up

Meaning to acquire—
documentation proof
Occasional glimpses; iridescent
blue, soft grays, & gentle flashes of white
Awe undiminished

The standard—
“early birds get the worm”
Others of its’ kind have been notified
This quite haven; impossible for them
to be missed

Copyrighted ©DVon 5 | 27 | 16



Q u i L L #67 Yarn Filled Jar

I sit eyeing the colorful display of various fibers
Reflective of how the dyes are absorbed differently as a result of how it’s treated

Are not we as human beings quite similar?
You and I could go through the same experience yet, come away affected in dissimilar ways all because of our upbringing and exploits thus far
While the last event may have caused me to “felt” (harden) in some places
You come away looking brand spanking new
A few were stretched beyond their limits
While fewer still lost a bit of colour during the process

But together we are that beautiful jar of yarn.

Copyrighted ©DVon 5 | 19 | 2016

793 – 4

Q u i L L #66 Guilt Laden Deception

Fist fly in attempt to deflect
The shards of glass your daggers project
Broken, bloodied, & sore
hands blamed for causing the uproar
Such a conscious can’t mend
why one would come to their own defense
Shards that remain serve as perfect recompense,

“YOU OUGHT to be the blame for the injuries you sustain.
HOW DARE you have your back against those who smear your name?!
Your punishment just due.
Next time accept when we forehead flick you!”

My conscious is in cahoots with those who do me harm
My sense of justice mute at the ludicracy of the “smarm”
How do I remove the wound that’s been inflicted,
without incurring more damage for the culpability that’s been shifted?

You sleep soundly
While restlessly I toss & turn
“Dear pitiful fool when will you ever learn?
OTHERS misdeeds you most assuredly didn’t earn.”

Copyrighted ©DVon 5 | 10 | 16


Q u i L L #65 The Path of My Past My Future Explores

Steps nearly forsaken breaks evenly in two
A path diverged taken leads ones sanity to you
South once; now Northbound I head at last
Sporadically tracts stopped by my past
New ventures spattered with old reprehensible traits
Nostalgic of the memories I longingly love to hate
The ache of tomorrow leaves spotted yesterdays in torn remnants I wish to expel
My broken history within this splintered psyche bids farewell
I loath uncertainty, but certainly will continue to mature
Ostensibly molded secure

Copyrighted by ©DVon 5 | 8 | 16


Never cease to amaze

When writing these post of thanks I always try to think of a new story to share. At one point during my high school days I was so impassioned with writing that I caused others around me to want to write more also. At one point a family member and I had some classes we took together and during class we would slide back and forth a piece of paper where one would start the first verse of the poem and the other would continue and so on and so forth until the poem would come to its natural conclusion. I still have a few of them.

I’m sure if I were to go back and read them they probably weren’t as good as they could have been but that was a fun time in my writing life. Getting the opportunity to open your thoughts up to another person who picks up with their own and together you form one thought; that’s awesomeness beyond words.

Being able to take the time out of my day to find words and/or thoughts I look forward to sharing with you guys and then having you all respond with likes, follows, thoughts and other forms of support brings back memories of those times. Times when I shared and others shared and together we meshed in that moment of sharing our thoughts and it was enjoyable and breathtaking.

Thank you dear readers for willing to make memories with me on our individual journey of life.