Q u i L L #59 My Flesh Wounds Speak For Me

I speak; yet go unheard
The words expressed between this line and the next might as well be foreign
Now I remember— why I marked my skin with such lines of permanent reflection
Even now, the wounds are louder than any battle cry I can muster

Experiences in life and repeated controlled studies have taught me I don’t have a voice
Or get a say that tip the scales in my behalf
My every attempt to break this preset mold falls flat

One day I’ll roar louder than the clap of thunder beneath the blue of the sky
And then?
No one dare fail to acknowledge me

Copyrighted ©DVon February 6th, 2016


V o n n a

Is it possible

for my head to get any bigger? I’ve been in my own little bubble as of late. Only coming out to take brief peaks at those who venture close enough to disrupt my solitude. I’m an introvert by design. Thus, I can go days, weeks, months even, without heavy outside interaction.

A conversation I had the other day discussed the topic of how for an introvert working at home is the best thing since sliced bread. But for an extrovert in the same predicament they’d easily feel their world collapsing around them.

I could get into that whole observer of life rather than participant thing but, I’m digressing fast. (I have a point honest.) There are so many of us in the world. Diffierent ethnicities, various languages, & cultural norms that may be hard to understand to others. Yet and still 664 of us have come to a mutual agreement that what I write about isn’t a complete display of talking out the side of my neck.

664 has decided every now and again what I feel, say, observe, or think is exactly the type of lens they’d view this situation from. Enough to say, “I get it. I might even agree.” While typically I share the rising stats with Mom I haven’t yet. Thank you to my subscribers from all over the globe willing to give me just a few moments out of their day. I’ll take those clicks of like and/or follow as a wave of hello from your part of the world. Whether you be introverted or extroverted.

I’ll do my best to keep trying to have a common ground on which we can all stand on together and wave. 🙋💛🌏🌍🌎🙌

V o n n a

Q u i L L #58 What’s a Good Story to You?

I’ve been noticably absent. Whenever I’d receive a beep indicating a new like or follow it would make my absence all the more pronounced. I’ve still been in and out of focus when it comes to the blogs. (This one as well as Speckledblue) I never deliberately decided to neglect them it just seems that way. I’ve been trying to get other aspects of my life into a better state of consistency. Sadly, while I have been writing— jotting notes here or there—nothing has been in a format I wish to post.

One thing I can share; I’ve been trying to learn a new language for the sheer enjoyment of doing so, in addition to the potential it could create. In, so doing what I’ve found to be helpful is to view programs, listen to music and podcast and research cultural differences in said language. This is a poem inspired by such efforts…

No need to speak out to me clearly, every choice that you take
But rather, mark very clearly your characteristics & traits

That in so doing, the moral I’ll get
A stimulation of thoughts I feel is most legit

Morally— leave me to contemplate
Why certain decisions the hero & heroine decide to make

Don’t think for me but; entrust me room to conclude correct
A well told story ought to garner my respect

Every answer may not readily be formed
But the lingering speculation should incite a brainstorm

Enraptured in the remaining mysteries
Yet satisfied with the various intrigue

A Sherlock of the major leagues
Cause my curiosities to be piqued

Copyrighted © January 25th, 2016 by DVon


V o n n a

Q u i L L #57 You Shale Not

It’s a matter of interest what you say to my back
The things you invoke about me

You spout abusive terms of fortified spite
All to justify your goal in living without me

Funny to me is how you are now
Nearly 10+ years have passed without change

Only difference is you find new ways to account for your distain
Yearly my interactions with you diminish yet still you blame me for your every waking pain

Shale I? Give back to you this life I have
Will you recover after I’ve been slain?

What sort of person ought I to be when whether breathing or stilted I’m at fault?

You as an adult with your own life, beliefs, & aspirations can’t function unless I’m distraught?

That’s sad, too bad, a plea for your misery to settle upon me
Grow up!
And own that you cause your own despondency & stop using someone you don’t deal with, don’t talk to, & don’t know the dealings of as your own odyssey

Copyrighted © January 7th, 2016 D a v o n n a | T.


V o n n a

Q u i L L #56 The Love of You

The weight of you is like a millstone about my neck
Pulling me to new levels of surrender
As a babe in many ways I’m trying to be understanding, empathetic and patient
But it never translates when it escapes my mouth

No offspring wants the responsibility of rearing their sound in mind guardian, yet that is what I feel I’m doing
As a result, I’m so tired I can’t function and anytime I get the opportunity to check out I take

This unfortunately often translates as lazy and unfocused
When in reality I’m consumed with thoughts of you
Of what our latest verbal battle of wills, will amount to

You say I don’t listen and always think you’re wrong?
I assure you the feelings mutual
You frustrate me beyond reason

Recognize I love you, but I loathe the burden your emotional and mental care presents
I know;

               the feelings mutual

Copyrighted © December 27th, 2015 by D a v o n n a | T.


V o n n a

Q u i L L #55 November

So apparently I wrote a quill on November 19th that for some reason I must have thought I had posted it and I had not so this is that poem.

When did the failure begin?
What part of me was lacking in your esteem?
I felt having discussions about our differences marked us mature
Not necessarily to have agreement just acceptance of each other’s views

I still do but, when engaged in negative bickering the point should be conceded
Thus making room for our diverged reasoning
Which would otherwise get ignored
Due to a stubborn ignorant arrogance; how can you?

I so wanted our friendship to go down in history as one of the few stellar examples of enduring love
Instead I got carpet burns where you dragged me by the roots of my hair

It lingers still leaving me too shy and anxious to open up again
I’d love a true friendship to be written about down in the record books of history
A goal for others to set

Unfortunately, I’m left with half-healed wounds
In spots proof you’ve left your mark on me

Copyrighted November 19th – December 27th 2015 © D a v o n n a | T.


V o n n a


I have been noticeably absent. I didn’t realize it’s been nearly a month but, I have and there really aren’t any words for it. What I’ve noticed is the increase and followers which considering my absence is surprising. So, to continue tradition I say thank you to new and returning. The fact that you all have been so patient during my neglect of the blog is awesome.

We all experience moments in our life where we just need a break you know? This break wasn’t planned so I couldn’t make you all aware. But I needed it. I am thankful for everyone who didn’t give up on me just cause I hadn’t posted and for those who went so far as to subscribe in order to stay abreast of my less sporadic moments. These past few months (since October 2014) the support from you guys has been amazing. Thank you for that. That might also explain why this past October I sort of fell off the planet for a bit.

Look for some new lines this coming week.


V o n n a