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Q u i L L #15 Change is Good

I did everything you envisioned vital
I tailored, tucked, cut, and hid key pieces of self to fit
My words became juvenile
And to make a point—words sworn flew freely

But even at my worst— deemed ideal by you— I shown
The difference between us unmaskable
As such abusive words & accusations of me behaving in a self-important way insued
Eventually I realized I could never be enough for you

I could never be enough because 《enough》involved pretending to be less
Enough consisted of me not soaring, not shining, not trying, not giving my all to anyone except you

It encompassed me not being me

I was 18, you were 21 and already I had surpassed you
Not by going to college when you hadn’t
No, but by being loving, mature, & nurturing enough to put aside selfish inclinations for the benefit of another

I had out grown you the moment we met
I wouldn’t change that
Because with you I learned what it meant to truly love, to care, to want someone to be happier than I am stingy

You taught me how to be a friend, a wife, and a worthwhile person
And you?
I hope I taught you to change

Copyrighted © February 25, 2015 D a v o n n a | T.

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Site changes

Hey guys, I just want to say once again, thanks for the likes and follows. If you’ve noticed the constant layout changes it’s because I’m trying to find one that fits not only what I want to display but, also the overall feel of the blog. I might end up just purchasing a domain and stuff but, I haven’t gotten that far or that decisive as yet. But, don’t be alarmed I’ll alert you guys to any new changes.


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