Never cease to amaze

When writing these post of thanks I always try to think of a new story to share. At one point during my high school days I was so impassioned with writing that I caused others around me to want to write more also. At one point a family member and I had some classes we took together and during class we would slide back and forth a piece of paper where one would start the first verse of the poem and the other would continue and so on and so forth until the poem would come to its natural conclusion. I still have a few of them.

I’m sure if I were to go back and read them they probably weren’t as good as they could have been but that was a fun time in my writing life. Getting the opportunity to open your thoughts up to another person who picks up with their own and together you form one thought; that’s awesomeness beyond words.

Being able to take the time out of my day to find words and/or thoughts I look forward to sharing with you guys and then having you all respond with likes, follows, thoughts and other forms of support brings back memories of those times. Times when I shared and others shared and together we meshed in that moment of sharing our thoughts and it was enjoyable and breathtaking.

Thank you dear readers for willing to make memories with me on our individual journey of life.


A bit of writers block

I’ve been a bit quite lately I know. It’s not for lack of wanting to share but, really all around nothing much to share. I don’t do very well with taking my time writing a bit at a time (I’ll have to practice). Usually I’ll write a poem all in one go and then tweak it, fixing words and spelling before I post. This time around I’ve had one line rolling through my head for a few days but, I haven’t had much to build on it. And today, while attempting to do so I was less than satisfied with the results. But, I will share anyway.

April 28th, 2016

How hard it is to be an optimist 
Not thinking the worst but, the best of people first
I have this down but, in reverse

I’m striving with optimism to rehearse but, 
its hard when you go through people’s worst
I’m use to thinking all will go wrong
so I’m prepped for my rainy day
If instead the sun keeps shinning 
I’m content I prepared anyway

Copyrighted © DVon May 5th, 2016


Q u i L L #64 Before the Birds Wake

With the last of the brewed coffee
freshly ground and creamed to sip
I’ve decided I won’t rest tonight
but, make the most of it

Catching up takes time and effort
I must learn to not fall behind
Studying past lessons and reading week old material
in order to stay refined

There’s a crack in this system
I’m trying to not let show
But such a haphazard approach to responsibility
Makes laziness inevitably glow

So, before the birds wake
And signs of life emerge
I’m putting aside
My study break urge

Copyrighted © April 16th, 2016 by DVon