Q u i L L #48 Why Should What I Love Kill Me?

Why does all the great endeavours that invoke passion result in ones demise?
Instead of love to death; why not loved to perfection?
Since when does finding what you love culminate in being killed by it?
What’s twisted about it loving you back to life?
The world is self-destructive enough I don’t wish to be

Rather I need focus, drive, & companionship that’s worth living
Not flaming out in a blaze of “glory”
My pursuits should breathe life into me with every feverish stir of emotion
Not suck dry my very last breath

I want a burning fire that maintains a steady flame
Not a mere fizzle of the last flickering ember

Copyrighted © August 25th, 2015 by D a v o n n a | T.


V o n n a

Q u i L L #47 Today I Grow Up

If these walls could speak
Blood would pour from their lips
It’ll spew secrets and promises frequently broken
The stains will manifest as red marks of spilled juice left to dry instead of wiped clean

Rivulets of tears will seep from the frames and baseboards
And all I can do is hope my disinfectant wipes come prepared
Otherwise we’ll have overwhelming evidence of the murder on our hands

Which is okay
Innocence never does live long

Copyrighted © August 21st, 2015 by D a v o n n a | T.


V o n n a

I’ve been thinking about you

The past few weeks you guys have been on my mind. The custom has been set and as such each letter of thanks must be heartfelt & uniquely genuine. This time around I thought I’d share some quoted comments that made my day once read. I won’t share names because you all know who you are and if not curiosity will cause you to search for which poem they were left on.

“You write beautifully!! very intense and very direct, just the way a good discussion should be. my email is not currently working…”

“So much truth”

“more people should remember their worth.”


“This left me speechless, really. <3"

” “I pour coals of kindness”, brilliant.”

The fact that when I share my thoughts such beautiful heartwarming comments are given in return nearly brings me to tears everytime.

What can I say to convey the depth of my appreciation? My 9 year anniversary being a part of WordPress under this blog name was a few days ago and being read by 557 individuals just as strange and odd as myself but in wonderfully different ways leaves me speechless.

Trust me no greater compliment can I pay. 😘

V o n n a