It’s my anniversary

When thinking about writing this post I had hoped to be able to give a time frame of how long I’d been a part of WordPress under this blog name. I found it somewhere once but, can’t recall where and thus I don’t remember. What I do remember is that I’ve been a part of WordPress for several years. If memory strikes accurately enough, I think since about 2006.

Originally this blog was a personal journal and not a poetry one (that’s to explain the yearly post descrepancy). Over the past view years I’ve taken a more active interest in actually posting here and it has been met with such a great supportive display by all of you who takes the time to read. 

A few months ago I misplaced my most active handwritten poetry notebook and my writing took a blow. I can remember only three times prior misplacing a notebook of such importance and I often find them eventually. The going record for one being lost was about three years! It wasn’t until a move to a new house helped me to find it.

I’m oddball enough to hide things from myself not meaning to but, somehow managing to anyways. (There is a hilarious story of how I managed to do this with $200 once.) I say all this to explain why I’ve been more quite than not as of late. I struggle to write when a piece of myself is missing and that’s what each notebook is for me.

Now, that it’s been found I plan to increase once again my monthly post amount. Bear with me until then.


Q u i L L #76 Cloud Like Pillows


My voice gets carried by the wind
The sound fades unable to linger like a reluctant but, good dream
Through cities and towns
Across rivers even oceans

The distant echo faintly mocks those who swear they heard a noise
Only to settle like a fleeting drop of dew
Through billowing clouds like pillows near you
A whispered promise of

I love you…

Copyrighted © DVon July 22, 2016



Q u i L L #75 Family Bloodline

The inch that I give you, determines the inch you’ll later try to take
I don’t believe in cutting my nose to spite my face

It’s a race to the finish with many apt at manipulation in the lead
Everyone wants anyone to believe they’re benevolently misconceived

Reality bites when truth rears its head
No one wants to find out they’re the monster under the bed

They claim the pretense of valuing truth
When the lie they willingly swallow whole
Shattered delusions amidst family escroll



Q u i L L #74 Family Ties

And since I behaved badly my way of making it up to you wonderful readers is two Quill today.

Family ties unwind; frayed ends—
spit alone won’t mend
Re-seamed sections miss the initial rip
A face-planted tumble leaves a visible split

You react with rage—
violence alone completes the tear
Unable; unwilling
to fix the accelerating affair

Re-patching the same spot
eventually becomes moot
When actions remain unalterably con-volute

Any thread can be severed
with just the right amount of force
But remember: it’s not necessarily
an amendable course

Copyrighted © DVon 7 | 7 | 16



Q u i L L # 73 A Thousand Words; Your Photograph

Bad blogger; bad! I did not realize it has been nearly a month. Basically life got the better of me. And I (after my attempts) have discovered I completely suck at checking out every blogger who I receive an email notification about. It’s hard to find time in an already jam packed and full of reading day to sit down and go through emails(70+ and counting) where in each you have to discover a hidden gem of the author in order to add your legitimate feedback to. I’ve done some but, I’ve fallen way behind. On another note: new quill…


I’ll stay hidden here in plain view
Only sharing the sides you ask me too
With every shutter the camera takes, the words unspoken accumulates
Years grow stronger and the distant footsteps linger, outlined in cold
The profile of my picture an untold story holds

Have you captured me?
Or the illusion that splinters?
Do you care enough to peak?
Or allow the faded memories to remain front and center?

Perception in time changes
And the gaze I carry spoke thunderous reticence
No need for overdue eloquence
I’ve forthwith ended the pretense

Copyrighted © DVon 7 | 7 | 16


I’ve come to view you with fondness

The number has grown and it continues to do so. Are you all sure you have the right blog?

One reader left a comment saying she has come to enjoy reading not only my poems but my stories. Today while checking blog post and pages (in order to tweak, update, & revise) I came across her comment and I realized something I hadn’t before. These thank you letters —or post if you will—are the story portion she was referring to. I had completely blanked on the fact that within each thank you post I included some type of life story or account in order to familiarize those who stop by the blog with who’s behind it all.

I so try to make each thank you unique to the post at hand or else it becomes that redundant “thanks for the like and follow” creating this tag was designed to negate. Some may have wondered how come I don’t leave marks on everyones blog; this is why. I value greatly sincerity. And when one is sincere it automatically eliminates attempts to please the masses. Your blogs are important and valuable and I strongly believe if I have nothing of value to add other than, “thanks for the like and follow” I’m not being sincere. That isn’t to say it’s not worthy of remark I’m just saying you deserve better than a perfunctory one; we all do.

The fact that I receive likes and follows and the occasional comment is a big deal because you wouldn’t put your name on something you haven’t reviewed right? No one randomly goes around WordPress just clicking “like” to post they haven’t read. And neither will I comment on a post for the sake of commenting. I will if I have something to add to the conversation. Because isn’t that what our post are, conversations you’re invited to leave your opinion on?

Thank you for that. For helping me to see the value of those seeminly shadow-dwelling likes and follows. I know they are equal to if not greather than a comment sometimes. Because that means you’ll be back to pick up where we left off. Or to contribute your stamp of approval on the next topic at hand.

I definitely plan to do a better job at this when it comes to you all. Because you also, are deserving of my stamp when we are in agreement. ✉

Copyrighted © Davonna | DVon 6 | 19 | 16