Q u i L L #53 Not Frenemies

I want a best friend
Where do I go?
To find such an individual
Whom I’m tighter to than veins containing the life sustaining substance of me— of we ?

I want to meet her
The one who after harsh words and stupid choices still views me as an equal

Not some bug on her shoe
Or pungent residue you’d like to remove
Let neither blood nor water be thick—
as we expound on what it is that exactly makes us tick
Rather let friendship survive the lick of hurt & betrayal

Can we?
Can you and I make it?
While promising not to fake it
Not frenemies nor foe
Just my equal—
in love, friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, patience, understanding, and kindness;
let’s grow

Copyright © November 15, 2015 D a v o n n a | T.


V o n n a

I can explain

You’ve all noticed the silence. Perhaps wondering if I’ve completely abandoned the blog. I have not. About a month ago I started feeling really icky. I knew I was getting sick but, didn’t have much to prove this other than the general feeling of unwell. Two weeks later I couldn’t get out of bed. I was coughing very badly, struggling to breath, chills but hot, & achy all over but, I didn’t have a fever. I have basically been in bed the past 2 or so weeks.

I never went to the doctor because there are just times when you really just don’t want to do that and so I didn’t. That’s to explain where I’ve been. I have not done much else this past weekend but, catch up on sleep I wasn’t getting due to feeling so icky. I’m getting better little by little and the fact that I’m writing this post is evidence.

I hope to post something new soon.

Q u i L L #52 May I Borrow a Pen and Someone to Write On

When will this lesson seep in?
When shale I learn to stop handing you the poison dipped pen?
Inevitably you sign your intent in the center of my spine
Pushing firm when the ink bleeds from mine
How many 77 of your chances have you used?
They come in such rapid succession and amidst deep agony I’ve grown confused
No wonder I have a difficult time identifying a true friend
To often do I let ones like you borrow a pen
It’s surpassed the level of naivety
I’m officially easily deceived
Your slide of hand takes hours to compute
You’ve gone and stabbed me again

Copyrighted © October 21, 2015 by D a v o n n a | T.


V o n n a

Q u i L L #51 The Enforcer

I told you not to do something because you had never learned
And for this very reason you consider me too stern
All I ever wanted is what is best for you
Unfortunately my “discipline” your parents felt was cruel to do

I wish to raise you responsibly, with dignity & self-respect
Others view youths as something to indulge and thus a work ethic they never seem to get
Instead of growing strong and ethical to boot
You’re taught things desired come without effort & and as a result the word “No!” you seldom know how to compute

I’d rather you spend time reading rather than treating the world as your cup
So when something is truly worth it you won’t easily give it up.

So yes, I’m labeled stern, mean, & an enforcer of the rules; at times even cruel
When I’m just trying to teach you one of the essential golden rules
Effort is a must and treat others how you yourself wish to be treated
Adhere to God’s principles and for goodness sake don’t be conceited

Copyrighted © October 12th, 2015 by D a v o n n a | T.


V o n n a

Q u i L L #50 The Scapegoat of Convenience

I am the bottom of your shoe.
The only time I matter is if you feel I’m of use.
How I feel being dragged through the mud matters not to you.

The little remnants I pick up off the pavements you feel entitled to.
If only I could have your point of view.
Then perhaps I can be the cruel monster too.
Depriving you of what’s yours too.
This type of conduct is what causes ones anger to eventually spew.
I’m through!

Copyrighted © October 3rd, 2015 by D a v o n n a | T.


Keep this up I might have to start throwing parties

I reached 590 followers a few hours ago. And as is typical of me I was surprised. You know how sometimes you are headed for a straight course so the end result is quite discernible yet an still it catches you unaware all the same? That’s this moment.

I of course am always notified of a new follower but, I try not to count the number unless I’m adding a new post. My own personal database of how many was potentially reading the latest post and whether the number went up or down after. (It’s not as neurotic as it sounds). I don’t know what makes you guys keep coming back. The post I think will be read and liked the most often times isn’t and the post I think won’t be is. That’s fine. That’s the result of personal opinion and preference.

whitebushI’ve often had conversations about that. How critics can affect the outcome of an endeavor all due to their own personal opinion. What one likes another might not and what I think is the absolute bees knees another might think is junk. So how is that something that should affect the overall skill, interest, credibility of a thing? That’s why I value unique outlooks, style, colors, & designs. Being the same makes me one among many, hard to spot, to see, to appreciate. Being the odd duck walking in the opposite direction of the flow makes the rhythm I hear hard to discern.

Somehow over 500 of you have caught the wave the beat has taken and held on—on occasion—long enough to enjoy its descent. Thank you for caressing the rocks with me. And for holding on for another frenetic excursion.