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Q u i L L #32 Worth

The discount I give you should never be on my self-worth
No one will love me unless
I love myself first

I have value
I have worth
And I won’t be cheapened by a slew of selfish jerks

Don’t try to minimize my struggles and trials
I’m determined to go the distance although it equals miles

No one wants to go it alone but I will if it means keepin’ my head above water to the end
My worth I shale not cheatin’ by allowing my value to bend

Copyrighted © May 24th, 2015 by D a v o n n a | T.

V o n n a

Hope Springs Eternal



You guys are awesome! I was trying to figure out the exact number of followers I had when I started this new series Q u i L L and if my stats are correct I was barely above 100 followers October of last year. That means in just 7 months I’ve jumped over 300 followers.  I’m beyond words with appreciation. I know I don’t get back to everyone as frequently as you guys like, comment, & follow but can you blame a girl when I’m not use to such attention? So as has become customary I say thank you here to all who have taken time out of their day to read my thoughts.  To like the lines I share. And to come back often & regularly in anticipation for more.

Your interest has been noted, thoroughly fond over and eagerly looked for. I’m working on some new Q u i L L that should be up very soon.

Thanks again you guys.

V o n n a


Q u i L L #31 Assistance

I have been afflicted
Torn down without a care
Victimized, oppressed, and outweighed
Difficulties compounded by my own attempts at adjustments
My sense of justice frayed

Realization that as such a time as spoken will arrive
My hero aroused due to my lowly cry
Mercy issued is key
For my God, my helper
Is aware of me*

*referencing Psalms 72:12-14

Copyrighted © May 13, 2015 D a v o n n a | T.

V o n n a


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