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Q u i L L #37 How Rude — 2015-06-27

Q u i L L #37 How Rude

The sky is in tears
And due to the cracks in my foundation I’m surrounded by pools of rain
The continous echoing of water atop puddle is worrisome

Within thought is images of clear liquid engulfing my feet
By the time reality descends with panic its reached my waist
Now mental depictions show its at the underside of my face

Sleep no longer necessary
Assuredly you’ve won
Your constant opinion of things not your equal has left me stun
Whoever knew that when eyes alight the only way to function is to spew hatred, gloom, and mockery at another

Definitely exchanging view points are going to carry us further
My goal is to judge you as severely as one can get
Then, I’ll swoop by again and kick where you try to step
Once you crumble victory is mine
Next the saliva in my mouth is inline

Juries shale agree with me
Such an opportunity just could not be left alone
O its much too hard to manifest maturity
Positivity is a bore
Individuals would much rather be cruel
It makes us cool

While you sputter out sheet rock, gravel, and mud
Opportunity is prime for a knife and leather glove…

Copyrighted © June 26, 2015 by D a v o n n a | T.

Note: I had this posted but decided to pull it back. I wanted to share the motivation behind the lines and I felt my other post was a bit long winded and didn’t want to saturate the air waves. With this I woke up with the first few lines circling my thoughts and it quickly (like most of my poems) grew from there. In this I tried not to use “I and I’ll” too much (“me, mine, & my” however abound). I also tried not to rhyme but towards the end found myself doing that as well. These are goals I’ve set myself.

V o n n a

You guys! — 2015-06-26

You guys!

I hit over 500 and I was waiting for it to be so. When I first started this blog it was a journal. One that had relocated from several other locations contingent on my increasing growth, maturity, and journaling needs. Eventually I decided to turn it into a poetry only blog but I struggled with that. I worried my words would be misconceived. The aftermath of such thoughts left me share shy. I didn’t feel as if I was able to be me myself. As such I had to step back from this blog.

I needed to sweep aside the notion that sharing my thoughts and tagging them with my name was disastrous. I needed to realize that this being my public space of habitation meant potentially saying things people weren’t ready for or would perceive negatively. And once I accepted that just like I had a right to speak; others have a right to disagree, that with this being my space of venting I could say what I pleased and those who didn’t like it could keep moving along. We don’t always have to agree but, we have to accept, respect, and be mature enough to not belittle and ridicule when that happens. Agree to disagree as they say.

So when I came back and started Quill it wasn’t something I’d prewritten and just decided to share. It was a newly formed idea with concepts yet to be created. Each poem here (past, present, and future) usually is what’s in my head at or around the time I’ve been festering in such emotion. I write what I know, see, endure, witness, & imagine. As such you may have noticed my thoughts often run towards the serious, pessimistic, & venting kind. I’m OK with that. That’s just me. I’m a serious, often pessimistic (manifested in comedic sarcasm), and very opinionated person. Common sense and open honest upbuilding conversations I believe are paramount to ones enduring in this crazy world. If we all were honest without being deliberately cruel and unkind misunderstandings could be greatly minimized.

I say all this to say I never expected for people to not just read but to keep reading. To intentionally subscribe to my ramblings or to be as kind, supportive, and openly encouraging to my words. I never thought people would identify with my brand of madness. And I am truly grateful for that result. A few months back a fellow blogger had said one poem of mine was on too small a platform. And he meant it in terms of more people needed to read it. But, a part of me felt the only way for that to happen is for others to find it and that required my platform to grow rather than me to “advertise” so to speak. I never expected it to grow. Yet, I’m over 500 and I never expected that either.

I’ve tried to write back to everyone, every single time someone liked or commented on my post but this soon felt insincere due to constantly repeating, “thanks for the like & follow”. I try not to be insincere. So as has become custom I say thank you here. You guys rock! With every like, comment, follow even just a quick glance at my words encourages me to keep sharing. Motivates me to know my words are not in vain but are heard and often adored. Thank you for your interest.

I’ll continue to have just a little extra pep in step everytime my notifications chime out another WordPress alert.

V o n n a

Q u i L L #36 Malign — 2015-06-24

Q u i L L #36 Malign

You see only what you want to see of me
If you keep searching for demons their bound to reveal themselves
Having deemed me worthy of your animosity
Go ahead continue pushing the spine at my back until I fall off your “when you’re needed shelf”

Don’t stress about the dents you’ve made
No doubt they were unintentional
By the way,  since no witnesses were raised
It’s my word against a sentinel

Had I missed the designs when given
That dubbed ones worthy of tender care?
Or am I just surrounded by oblivion
Manifested in a dare?

Have you all held various meetings
In groups of ten,  twenty, & four?
Setting goals of ways of beating
Me metaphorically against a door?

No worries bystanders won’t look
While you sweep up pieces I left behind
Your version of crook
Leaves me feeling double undermined

Copyrighted © June 24, 2015 Davonna | T.

V o n n a


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