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Q u i L L #27 Bipolar; Schizo*

In my head—
Are things I can’t allow to materialize
Like climbing walls and crawling carpets around rooms

In my head—
I’m moving at the speed of light
Getting closer and closer to exceeding Einsteins’ IQ

In my head—
I can’t sit still
And my motions make the energizer bunny look like road-kill

In my head—
I can see earth’s rotation
Through the variations of movement the floors make while standing still

In my head—
Sense and reason share shifts of day and night with logic and probability
In attempts to keep my “reality” in check

The arguments—
Endless debates and bickering about the possibilities of what I presume occurring being real
And whether medicines are presently needed or just overkill

What a lively discussion that ensues—
Between the merits of mental stability
And the euphoric high of imaginative decent into ‘so-called’ “madness”

The pills, the calm, the subsiding of temporary uber Genius swims forth with a wave of H2O hydration

Farewell I mentally wave as I expectantly wait for its soon return

Madness such as this sleeps not
It’s eyes were merely closed—

As it too dreamed of naps that’s past…

*I do not write this to label, judge, critique, or any other such negative spin you can attribute to this piece. I write from a place/perspective that has a right to do such. Use discernment when reading and/or commenting.

Copyrighted ©Apr 22nd, 2015 D a v o n n a | T.

V o n n a

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Q u i L L #26 My Own Hero

First: thank you dear readers. I have received your email notifications of follows and comments as well as likes. I’ve been under the weather but, I am slowly doing what I am able to go through them. I’ll make head way and the another wave of interest/support will appear and I’ll get behind again. Patience dear ones.

Second: Q u i L L #26 My Own Hero

It’s not so much the world being against me
Or me even being irate
It’s about me standing up for myself because no one else has done so to date

Bullies have occurred while in school not just
From the typical kid but teachers too
Forced by parents to offer apologies for behaviors misconstrued
While said teacher sat smugly through such a ruse

Family doesn’t get me and so-called friends just patronize
I’ve learned to be my own hero
In my own story’s life

No one can do it for me
And others lack the effort to try
I’ll myself shall


F L Y !

Copyrighted © April 21st, 2015 D a v o n n a | T.

V o n n a

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Q u i L L #25 Diverged Reasoning

You went to university to learn how best to discern
I learned from experience and studies that I’ve affirmed
Which of us is wiser the one who read or went through?
What makes me better than you?

I live everyday with my persistent malady
You read a book so that must make you smarter than me
Note my derision for such a preconceived superiority

Your disparaging opinion awoken
Value what I say and don’t take my needs as merely heard when spoken
Don’t search for what’s not there ignoring the obvious necessity of much needed care

The fact you can prescribe assistance in the form of medication unfair
Consumer beware

Copyrighted © April 10th, 2015 D a v o n n a | T.

V o n n a


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