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Q u i L L #23 Wrong Way to Your Affection

I’d love to share my all with you
But my success makes you recede
Such blatant disregard from you reveals insecurities

What you seem to deem as success
Is really my attempts to please
I do what we all know doesn’t work
I buy you gifts to prove my love

It’s pointless— striving this hard; this way
Perhaps if I ignore you and neglect like the others you’ll bend backwards for me too?

Why is it in our imperfect nature to abuse those who love us, take them for granted
And all the while endeavoring to gain adoration from the masses?

I’d love to walk the moon for you
But even your name carved in such a celestial body wouldn’t impress

Nontheless, I do not hate you
I merely dislike what you project

Copyrighted © April 2nd, 2015 D a v o n n a | T.

V o n n a

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Q u i L L #22 Time Awaits

Time crawls
And then accelerates
It stops for no one but you

When engaged I fail to keep pace
But it barely moves when chased— in dew
I long for days of summers to come anew

Time never succombs
Therefore paramount we must “saisir les temps“*
When presented to you

*seize time

Copyrighted © Mar 31, 2015 D a v o n n a | T.

V o n n a


Q u i L L #21 My Mother; My Friend

The more you belittle
The better you feel
My idiosyncrasies harped over
My benevolence stilled

Desires to share
crack, wither, and wilt
My ever growing maturity you stilt

I felt bad
That I failed to value you
Apparently its a shortcoming we subject one another to

Learn patience I will
Do try not to murder me
Our mistakes seered in memory

Copyrighted © Mar 24th, 2015 D a v o n n a | T.

V o n n a


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